In telling my story, I should probably say that this is not my first brand. In a previous era, when I was still a teen, I launched Heyyo Urban Clothing while living in London. Back in those days, I felt the need to express myself creatively. Almost accidentally, I started drawing geometrical patterns on t-shirts and giving them away to my friends. Then, a truly inspiring person in my life suggested I should run an e-shop and sell the apparel online. And that's how it all started with Heyyo. 


But we're talking about Shop Hiroine here so let's take things step by step. Shall we?


I've always wanted to study Fine Arts. Since I was a child, I was enamoured with the endless spectrum of colours and the genius techniques in the arsenal of the modern artist. My grandfather taught me the first traditional skills I needed - drawing with watercolours and pastels. These first encounters with art boosted my creative juices but also acted as a form of meditation for me - and still does. It was my getaway to a blank state of mind. It gave my life a new breath and naturally, I felt the urge to follow an artistic career path.

Bizarrely, in my senior year at high school, influenced by career advisors, I decided to study Economics and Finance instead and pursue a career in the corporate world.  In university, I changed my path yet again, focusing on a career in e-commerce and then on running my own lifestyle blog, Hiroine the Blog. Since 2015, struck a nerve with a broad audience- it was all about street styles I loved as well as my travel diaries. I simultaneously became a digerati, gained work experience in digital marketing, worked in the US and Hong Kong in start-ups. I realised my passion for all things social and all things digital so I combined my love for art, e-commerce and start-up culture. This is how Shop Hiroine emerged. 

What drove me to the form of my current products is the comforting memory of my dear grandmother knitting handmade girly knits. It was these items that I cherished the most as a little girl and, naturally, I yearned to recreate them.

Luckily, my grandmother’s talent passed on to my mother - who is the other creative brain behind this brand. She focuses on the drawing part and has created most of the patterns you’ll see on this site.

This clothing line is all about experimenting with dye on denim and knitting techniques to create the styles I breath for. It is an exhibition of my love for art and a way to make it wearable. An attempt to make anyone sport wearable canvases. 

I want people to feel special in the styles I'm creating, to embrace bad ass street style, to be stopped on the streets by others and be told that their looks are the real deal. 

Welcome to the world of Shop Hiroine